Lifestyle Newborn sessions are done at your home. Please ensure the living room, master bedroom and nursery are clean and free of clutter. Floors, beds, tabletops, nightstands should be clear of books, coffee mugs, breast pump parts etc.

What to wear

This is meant to be real life! Wear what you are most comfortable in. I do suggest neutral colours, steering away from t-shirts with logos or bold patterns. Think cozy day at home, something light and flowy for mom and and a simple T-shirt or sweater for dad. Please pick out a fitted newborn onsie that is a neutral colour. Please no detailed outfits as they tend to ride up and can cover the baby’s face. A simple onsie will also allow for wrapping.

We want a sleepy baby!

Babies pose better when they a in deep sleep. To achieve this I recommend stimulating the baby at least two hours before my arrival, a warm bath usually does the trick.