Hey there! Thanks for booking your family photography session with me, I can’t wait to meet you!

I want you to come to your session ready to play, to explore, to cuddle and to simply follow their lead. I’ll mention it below, but you need to let the little ones be little. It can get messy, chaotic, and most definitely exhausting but it’s worth it.

Ok ok, I get it as a mother myself I know how hard it can be to get the kids excited for family photos, especially older teens. So here are a few tips to implement over the next few weeks to get your kids to look forward to our time together!

1. Talk to Your Kids

Tell your kids a few weeks before the session. Let them know that you will be going to take some pictures with a girl named Nikki. Let them know that they will have to pose for a few photos, but I also like to play games and have competitions [it they’re into that]. A great way to get older kids to cooperate is to emphasis how important these photos are to you, you want to be able to look back on these in a few years and remember a moment in time when they are little etc. etc. etc. 😉

2. Feed the Gremlins

No water after midnight does not apply for family photos!

Depending on the time of your session [sometimes at dinnertime] you will want to make sure your kids have a meal or a light snack to tied them over. There is nothing worse than a hangry child.

Note about bribery snacks; try mini marshmallows they are a sweet treat but don’t stain.

3. Say Cheese... JK

I know it seems counter intuitive, but don’t ask you kids to smile… or say cheese… forcing them can actually make them more uncomfortable. Instead, I encourage lots of hugs and snuggles and the occasional tickle to evoke real genuine smiles that you know and love.

4. Lower your expectations

We all know too well that kids have meltdowns, especially toddlers. Come into your session with an open mind and know that I work really hard to get the shots you want. Let them explore, run and jump… let them be kids.

5. Get everyone involved

Hey dads I’m looking at you! I understand family photos my not be your jam, but happy wife is a happy life. If your kids see one member of the family being a debbie-downer its likely others will follow suit. So encourage everyone, dads and older siblings, to embrace the running, the giggles and the piggy-backs. Go with the flow, they might be surprised at how much fun it is.